Novus 300/450 475x180x50mm (G4) ORIGINAL filter set


Filter specifications:

  • Novus 300/450 (G4) filter set
  • 1 set includes 2 G4 filters (EN779: 2012)
  • Size 475x180x50 mm
  • Air filter set for Novus 300/450 series
  • Original Filter Set

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Reminder service

Every 6 months we will send you an email to remind you that your filters need to be checked and replaced. This email will also have all your details of your last order. With just one click you can re-order your Paul Novus 300/450 (G4) replacement filters.

Original Paul Novus 300 & 450 Filters:

  • Filter is made from high quality material.
  • We recommend changing filters at least twice a year, preferably in the fall, after the pollen season and before summer. In areas with a lot of dust and pollution, they should be changed more often, spring and autumn.
  • Filters Authorised and Manufactured by Paul.
  • Long life filters.
  • Perfectly fits for Paul Novus 300 & 450 Air Unit.