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A landscape of our culture

They are also evolving and supporting the on-going remodelling of the company.

The values are described as follows:

Filters4.Eu vision is based on collaboration and making life easier for our customers. As professionals in providing serial, customer-specific solutions in thin sheet material, we look broadly at our profession.

  • Having a positive attitude towards our colleagues, based on trust and mutual respect.
  • We lead by trust, not with control. This includes the right to make mistakes and the willingness to learn from them.
  • Credit is given to the team, the leader takes responsibility.

Filters4.Eu is a professional partner in providing serial, customer-specific solutions in the field of thin sheet material, in which the customer is essentially relieves regarding design/design, engineering and logistics.

  • Doing business in a sustainable and honest manner. We care for the environment.
  • We are committed to a solid work ethic, integrity, honesty and quality, towards our customers, our partners, our stakeholders and society.
  • Encouraging and supporting our employees to contribute to society.
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