Systemair PF VSR 500 STD kit F7+M5 ORIGINAL filter set


Filter specifications:

  • Pleated filter – Extract filter class M5/ePM10 50% (487x243x24).
  • Pleated filter – Supply filter class  F7/ePM1 60% (487x288x24).
  • Air filter set for SAVE VSR 500.
  • The production of bag filters is discontinued and replaced by pleated paper filters.

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Original Systemair VSR 500 Filters:

  • Air Pleated filter.
  • We recommend changing filters at least twice a year, preferably in the fall, after the pollen season and before summer. In areas with a lot of dust and pollution, they should be changed more often, spring and autumn.
  • Filters Authorised and Manufactured by Systemair.
  • Long life filters.
  • Perfectly fits for Systemair VSR 500 Air Unit.
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PF VSR 500/B F7+M5 ORIGINAL filter set
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